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1. Stable profit from 8% to 15% per month

There are no strong fluctuations in profitability. Average of 10% per month

2. Diversification across 15 currency pairs

A large number of traded pairs allows you to diversify the risks of a large drawdown

3. Back tests for 5 years guarantee reliability

Since 2015, there have been strong trends and prolonged flets, all stages of the market Archie PRO and Archie Trend withstood with a small drawdown

4. Use an improved risk management system

Easily optimize your profit and loss

5. The Adviser is always under the supervision of professionals

This means that we constantly monitor, improve and support this product

6. New algorithm for working with orders

Due to 3 strategies that work consistently, high profit and low drawdown are achieved

7. Work with any broker

We do not restrict you in choosing a broker, but we can recommend brokers that we trust

How much Deposit do you want to make
100 50 000
For what period
1 12
The profitability calculator should be considered only as an informational tool. We have done our best to provide the most accurate information, but you should not rely on the absolute quality of this device. In addition, any information provided may be changed at any time.
The calculator takes into account your average expected percentage of robot trading, initial investment, and investment period
Profit in the currency
Result as a percentage
The period after which You will receive a similar profit from the Bank
  • We have tried to create the most comfortable and understandable tools even for a beginner. And if you have any difficulties or technical questions, our experienced staff will always help and suggest a solution.
  • We do not accept investments into our accounts, clients Deposit investment money into accounts with a broker they trust, and we only sell software.
  • The system is fully automatic, easy to install and operate in General, and does not require you to have any experience or knowledge of the FOREX market.
  • We are not network marketing and do not collect investments for the development of a "left" product.The algorithm has been working on our clients ' accounts since 2019 and has already confirmed its reliability.
  • The amount of expert advisors and investment tools will be expanded and available to all partners without exception.
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