NFT collection «Lucky Crab» from Magnum SK

We are releasing the first collection of "Lucky Crab" NFTs from Magnum SK, thus announcing our willingness to move forward and introduce blockchain into our platform, thus giving our partners more revenue opportunities.

The collection consists of 111 NFTs, which is our company's first and most important collection. When you buy NFTs from the Lucky Crab collection, you get:

  1. - NFTs from the company, of which there are only 111 pieces worldwide. This is exclusive, and using them as an investment, you can get a return in a few years of thousands and tens of thousands of dollars by selling NFTs from the first collection of the company in the future.
  2. - We are very generous, as this is the very first collection, and we would like every partner to have it in their wallet. Therefore, everyone who buys NFT from the "Lucky Crab" collection will get a license for any robot of the company on terms of lifetime use. If you have several NFTs in your collection, respectively, you get as many licenses as you have NFTs in your wallet.
  3. - Also by the beginning of 2023, the company will completely switch to blockchain and release its stablecoin as well as DAO tokens. Partners who will have NFTs from our first collection at that time will get DAO tokens in their wallet and can have a percentage of the company's income.

30% of all company revenue will be distributed to DAO token holders that have been purchased on the exchange or received by NFT holders from the "Lucky Crab" collection.

The collection is posted on the marketplace https://solsea.io blockchain SOLANA

NFTs will be sold in 11 rounds. Each round is a sale of 10 NFT. The date and time of the opening and closing rounds will be announced by February 18.

  1. - 1 sales round: price 1.2 SOL/10 NFTs - Sold out in 45 minutes
  2. - 2 sales round: price 1.5 SOL/10 NFTs - Sold out in 14 minutes
  3. - 3 sales round: price 1.8 SOL/10 NFTs - Sold out
  4. - 4 sales round: price 2.1 SOL/10 NFTs - Sold out
  5. - 5 sales round: price 2.4 SOL/10 NFTs - Sale
  6. - 6 sales round: price 2.7 SOL/10 NFTs - Sale
  7. - 7 sales round: price 3.0 SOL/10 NFTs - Sale
  8. - 8 sales round: price 3.2 SOL/10 NFTs - Sale
  9. - 9 sales round: price 3.4 SOL/10 NFTs - Sale
  10. - 10 sales round: price 3.6 SOL/10 NFTs - Sale
  11. - 11 sales round: – 10 NFTs - Start on Mart 19, 2022 at 15:00 GMT
  12. - Exclusive sales round: – 1 NFTs - Start on Mart 21, 2022 at 15:00 GMT

The crab is a symbol of good intentions, a strong handshake ("Hold the crab!").

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Dear holders. The first round ended Sold out within 45 min. This is just the beginning and now seeing your desire to participate in Mint of our first collection, we tell you what will happen next.

So, the conditions voiced above remain, and you already really like them. But now we reveal all the cards:

  1. - There will be 10 different "Lucky Crab" in total, which means you have the opportunity to collect one or 11 NFT collections.
  2. - The one who will have a complete collection of 10 different "Lucky Crab" will receive 2 times more DAO tokens from MAGNUN SK, thereby increasing passive income, receiving % of the net profit of our company.
  3. - This year we want to develop 2 more areas for the provision of services in the world of finance and blockchain within the MAGNUM SK company, and therefore increase the company's revenues.

What will happen to the latest #111 Lucky Crab- Exclusive?!

This will be the only exclusive NFT in the collection that will be different from everyone else. By purchasing it, you get two perpetual licenses for any bot of the company. Also, you get 2 times more DAO tokens.

The most interesting thing is, having Lucky Crab- Exclusive in his wallet, he will double your receipt of DAO Tokens for all your NFTs from Magnum SK. Accordingly, you get 2 times more revenue from the company's profits, even without having a collection of 10 NFT. You can have three identical NFTs, but still get 2 times more tokens, having NFT #111 Lucky Crab- Exclusive in your wallet.

Good luck to everyone in the upcoming rounds!

Lucky Crab #1-10
1.2 SOL

Sold out in 45 minutes
Lucky Crab #11-20
1.5 SOL

Sold out in 14 minutes
Lucky Crab #21-30
1.8 SOL

Sold out
Lucky Crab #31-40
2.1 SOL

Sold out
Lucky Crab #41-50
2.4 SOL

Lucky Crab #51-60
2.7 SOL

Lucky Crab #61-70
3.0 SOL

Lucky Crab #71-80
3.2 SOL

Lucky Crab #81-90
3.4 SOL

Lucky Crab #91-100
3.6 SOL

Lucky Crab #101-110

Lucky Crab #Exclusive
7.5 SOL

Sold out
Asset 4 Asset 5 Asset 6 Asset 8 Asset 9 Asset 10 Asset 11 Asset 16 Asset 12 Asset 17 Asset 13 Asset 15 Asset 14 Asset 18 Asset 20 Asset 19 Asset 21 Asset 22 Asset 23 Asset 24 Asset 25 Asset 26 Asset 1 Asset 1 Asset 1