Sergey Ermolov
36 years old. Saint-Petersburg

He has been developing Forex algorithmic (expert advisors) since 2008.

Over the years, he and his team have developed more than 1,000 different algorithms. They were driven by the idea of creating an adviser to whom they can trust their money and not be afraid of losing it.

The goal of development is a stable profit from the expert Advisor with minimal risks. The main task is to find a strategy and algorithm that will be as reliable as a Kalashnikov rifle.

Kirill Simonov
36 years old. Saint-Petersburg

Founder of the company.

He learned to trade on the stock markets and Forex on his own, so he revised his views on the future, development strategies and short-term goals, as well as the means to achieve them.

The ability to concentrate on the right questions helps to have a cool head. Always keeps in mind the overall picture of what is happening, both in the market and in business.

Askar Mishelov
41 years old. Kazakhstan,Astana

Co-owner of Magnum SK, General Manager for project development and promotion in the CIS and abroad.

He has 12 years of experience in online and offline business.

Since 2010, he has worked his way up from an ordinary distributor of a network company to an investor in IT projects. He opened several successful business projects of his own..

He lives by the principle: not to retreat, not to give up and only forward to the intended goal.

Аidar Tulekeyev,
33 years. Kazakhstan, Almaty

Co-founder of Magnum SK.

  • - General Director and Founder of the "Center for the Development of Entrepreneurs"
  • - 12 years experience in business
  • - 9 years in consulting
  • - The only one business couch in Kazakhstan speaking in Moscow and Europe
  • - Specialist in building a sales system, training sales managers
  • - Conducts trainings for company executives in managing and scaling a business
  • - Over 12,000 people attended Aydar's trainings
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